Padel Training at Palma de Majorca

My team offers you padel trainings and padel camps at the metropolitan area of Palma de Majorca. Together we will find the right padel spot for you. Please consider that in the area of Palma there are more than 15 big padel clubs with more than 200 courts for potential trainings. All of them are different and unique and have limits when it comes to the availability and trainings with the right coach. This is why it is important that someone like us, assists you in finding and booking the perfect padel coaches and trainings at Majorca. 

Padel Training Palma de Majorca

padel training majorca

One thing is for sure: At the moment the Spaniards are years ahead of all the other countries when it comes to play padel, as well as giving padel classes. But that's no problem. It is actually a great idea of you to go to Spain to improve your padel game. Especially at Majorca you can find in many aspects excellent training conditions. There are top-notch coaches. You can play against (strong) local players. Every weekend you can play a local padel tournament. The weather is always nice and sunny. There are indoor and outdoor clubs all around to bring your game to the next level. My very experienced coaches' team, consisting of mainly Spanish coaches, will make sure that you really understand the padel game! No matter if it is a smash, a bandeja, a vibora, a lob or even tactics or playing padel in a smart way. To make a long story short: We will make you a more complete padel player and will at the same time give you a Spanish note to your game!

Padel Training Camps at Majorca
Hello Padel Academy Training Camp

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Padel Training camps at Majorca

Padel Training Camp Majorca

hello padel academy training camp

With Hello Padel Academy coach Yannik we have been in
different padel clubs at Palma de Majorca in the last years. Besides the trainings with Yannik and Norman, the camp's program consisted also of games against locals and the participation in a local amateur tournament. Every year all participants appreciate the variety of the padel camp and we are more than happy to give all of them a deep insight to the Majorcan padel culture. 

Padel Training Palma

individual padel training camps

In the last years we have helped many individual padel players to improve their game while introducing them to the Majorcan world of padel. Many of them liked it so much that they have become now regular (padel) visitors at Majorca. This makes me very proud and I am happy to see them again once in a while on and off the court. As you can see, we have established many friendships with our customers which is just incredible. 

Youth Padel Training Camp Majorca

youth training camp

In August 2022 and 2023 17 German and English teenagers took advantage of training at the best padel youth academy at Majorca and making friends with the Majorcan (top) talents. The youth training camp was a huge success where our kids also achieved some decent results at the tournament at the end of the week. For all participants it was an exciting and memorable experience in the world of padel at Majorca. 

Padel Training camps & Padel trips in 2024

April 8th until April 14th: 3rd Hello Padel Academy Training Camp at Majorca
April 24th until April 28th: 3rd Friendly Padel Nations Cup for veterans at Rafa Nadal Academy