Padel Holidays at Majorca

Why not spending your holidays at the sunny island of Majorca and playing padel at the same time? This is possible the whole year because the temperatures at Majorca allow perfect padel training conditions at any moment of the year. According to your needs and preferences we will coordinate your perfect and unique padel holidays. 

Are you up for beach holidays, padel games, trainings and a tournament? Or better a city trip to Palma de Majorca with some matches against local players? Or are you interested in bringing your friends for a padel training camp? Everything is possible with us. We work closely together with a variety of hotels and providers. But the most important thing is our huge padel network at Majorca which is the crucial piece to make your padel trip to be special and perfect!

Padel Trip to Majorca

padel trips to majorca

Our padel trips for groups to the Balearic Islands are pretty popular. The reasons for joining can be very different though. Some padel players only would like to have a good time with others while spending time at the beach and on the padel court. Others would like to bring their padel game to the next level and of course, that is more than possible in the padel hot spots in Spain, especially at Majorca with many great Spanish padel coaches. But there are also quite a few padel players who would like to experience something new and get into different and exciting padel worlds. 

We offer you a huge variety of padel experiences. With our help you can enjoy quality training camps with daily trainings, games and tournament participations. But we also organize trips to the World Padel Tour where you can actually meet the padel legends in person! Last but not least we run international and well-known tournaments at Majorca.

Padel Holidays Majorca
Padel vacation at Mallorca

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Padel holidays, trips and tournaments

Padel Trip and Holidays Palma de Majorca

friendly padel nations cup

In April 2022 we successfully initiated the first edition of the Friendly Padel Nations Cup for veterans with a total of seven nations. We had teams from Spain, Finland, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden. All participants enjoyed the international atmosphere and so we already repeated the event in 2023 and in 2024. Winners so far have been Spain in 2022, Finland in 2023 and Germany in 2024. 

Padel Tournament Majorca

euro clubs trophy

The Euro Clubs Trophy is basically a veteran's European Championship for padel clubs. In October 2022 the international tournament took place for the first time at the wonderful Pins Padel Club at Majorca. Over 150 participants and teams from 10 European countries competed in the first edition in three different tournament categories: Men's 40+, Women's 40+ and Men's 50+. The tournament was a huge success and will be repeated in the next years. 

Padel Journey to the World Padel Tour

world padel tour minorca

From 2018 until 2023 every year we organized a padel trip to the World Padel Tour at Minorca to see live the padel spectacle of the pro players. We were fortunate to stay in the same hotel as the padel superstars and therefore could actually breathe the atmosphere of the World Padel Tour. But of course, we also played padel ourselves and enjoyed the wonderful beaches of Minorca. All in all, these trips were just unforgettable for all padel lovers. 

Padel Training camps & Padel trips in 2024

April 8th until April 14th: 3rd Hello Padel Academy Training Camp at Majorca

April 24th until April 28th: 3rd Friendly Padel Nations Cup for veterans at Rafa Nadal Academy

Padel Training camps & Padel trips in 2025

friendly padel nations cup
@rafa nadal academy

Friendly Padel Nations Cup

FACTS about the FPNC

  • Always in April/May at Rafa Nadal Academy
  • Veteran's international team tournament for men and women
  • Compete against different nations 
  • 5 days tournament
  • Combine padel, sun, fun and fantastic facilities at Rafa Nadal Academy
  • In the last 3 editions in 2022, 2023 and 2024 10 different countries have participated
Padel Rafa Nadal Academy

tournament mode

The Friendly Padel Nations Cup is a team competition where nations consisting of 6 different players (3 male & 3 female players) play against other nations. A nation can participate with one or two teams.
One day before the Friendly Padel Nations Cup starts there is a pre tournament in different couple categories to warm up for the main event.
The winner always keeps the big trophy for one year in the country that has won the tournament.

friendly padel nations cup gallery

Padel tournament for seniors
Padel tournament for veterans
Padel in Mallorca
Play padel Mallorca
International padel tournament Mallorca
Padel holidays Mallorca
Padel coach Mallorca
Padel training Mallorca

EURO CLUBS TROPHY @pins padel club

Euro Clubs Trophy Padel

FACTS about the ECT

  • Always in October at Pins Padel Club in Palma
  • Veteran's international team tournament for men and women
  • Compete against different European padel clubs 
  • 4 days tournament
  • Combine padel, sun, fun and beach
  • In the last 2 editions in 2022 and 2023 over 250 players from over 10 countries have participated
Veteran Padel Tournament

tournament mode

The tournament has 2 men's (40+ & 50+) and 2 women's (40+ & 50+) categories.
In each category there is a limit of 8 participating international clubs. A padel club can participate in multiple categories or only in one. 
A club must consist of at least 6 players respectively of 3 couples to participate with 1 team.

Euro clubs trophy gallery

Veteran Padel Tournament
Senior Padel Tournament
International Padel Tournament
Mallorca Padel
Mallorca Padel Tournament
Euro Clubs Trophy
Enjoy Padel
Padel Vacation Mallorca
Guinness Padel World Record

guinness padel world record

GreenTEC Padel and Enjoy Padel set with 52 players from different parts of the world at the end of July 2023 in Enge-Sande in Northern Germany a new Guinness Padel World Record.