Padel Training Mallorca

Padel Training Majorca

Find and book with the help of ENJOY PADEL your right padel coach and your perfect padel training camp at Majorca. My team and I, consisting of certified and experienced padel coaches, are more than happy to assist you in achieving your goals.

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Who is the face behind ENJOY PADEL? It is me, Norman, and since many years you can find me at my beloved island Majorca, as well as in Germany. I used to be a talentend player in a well-known soccer academy, but since many years I have started a new chapter in my life which is all about my new favourite sport: PADEL.

In the last years I have been very fortunate to get very deep into Palma de Majorca's world of padel. I was lucky to get to know many excellent coaches and to get classes with them. After all these great experiences I am proud to share and offer you my Majorcan contacts and network. I am a certified padel coach myself by the German Padel Federation and created my own coaches' team with great personalities. This is why we can offer you a huge variety of padel services in order to give you a fantastic time when playing padel at Majorca!!

See you hopefully soon on the padel court!

All the best, 

Padel Coach Majorca
Enjoy Padel

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As a certified and registered padel coach by the German Padel Federation my team and I follow a comprehensive training approach. All is about you and therefore we will adapt our trainings according to your skills and goals. Our objective is that you will benefit from our practices in different areas. Our coaches come with the passion and the right attitude to make you grow as a padel player. Besides improving your padel technique, we would also like to raise your awareness for tactics and playing padel in a smart way. With our coaching you will not only bring your game to the next level, you will also become a more complete and mature padel player!

Individual trainings are certainly one option we can offer you. But we also offer a big variety of padel training camps, events, trips and international tournaments that are always paired with a special atmosphere, lots of fun and amazing people.

"PLAY & ENJOY PADEL AT MAJORCA" - That's exactly our approach and basically all you need to know.  

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Padel Training at Majorca

certified padel coaches

Norman is a certified padel coach himself by the GERMAN PADEL FEDERATION and works together with a carefully selected team of coaches certified by the BALEARIC PADEL FEDERATION.

Padel Trips to Majorca

padel training camps for all ages

We have successfully organized padel training camps at the Balearic Islands for adults, as well as for teenagers of the GERMAN PADEL FEDERATION

Padel Tournaments at Majorca

international padel tournaments

With the FRIENDLY PADEL NATIONS CUP  and the EURO CLUBS TROPHY  we run every year two major and well-known international padel tournaments for veterans at Majorca where players from all over Europe meet and compete against each other.

Padel Training camps & Padel trips in 2024

April 8th until April 14th: 3rd Hello Padel Academy Training Camp at Majorca

April 24th until April 28th: 3rd Friendly Padel Nations Cup for veterans at Rafa Nadal Academy

Padel Training camps & Padel trips in 2025

Guinness Padel World Record

guinness padel world record

GreenTEC Padel and Enjoy Padel set with 52 players from different parts of the world at the end of July 2023 in Enge-Sande in Northern Germany a new Guinness Padel World Record. 

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Padel training Mallorca

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Mallorca Padel Tournament
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