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I come from Freiburg and feel home at Majorca, as well as in Germany. I am rather a man of action than a man that talks too much. In the last 15 years I have been working in the field of sport management. Normally you can find me (almost every day) on the padel court if my body and time allows me to be there. 

In the last years padel has become my new passion not only as a padel player taking myself classes and playing tournaments, but also as a padel coach. I was fortunate to learn from the best Spanish padel coaches and recently got officially certified as a padel coach by the German Padel Federation. 

Of course, I will continue my career as an ambitious padel player in the second highest category in Spain. I actually like to compete once in a while with my Spanish and international colleagues and friends. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. But that's what sport is all about, right? Nonetheless, I was able to win some tournaments at Majorca. Not bad for a German that participates in a Spanish dominated sport. 

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I am proud of being a German padel player in the world of padel at Majorca. I was lucky enough to get very deep into the Spanish padel culture. I think my curiosity, my enthusiasm for sport in general, being open-minded and certainly the fact to speak Spanish helped me a lot to be where I am. 

I really enjoy the appreciation of all the Spaniards and Majorcans. It doesn't matter if we are talking about padel players, coaches, club owners or padel lovers. Many times I am the connector between them and the local and international padel players. This is why almost every padel club at Palma de Majorca gives me a warm welcome. 

These contacts and and also my huge padel network allows me to assist you according to your needs and preferences. Let's talk as soon as you are looking for a padel training camp, the right padel coach or a participation in a tournament at Majorca. 

qualification & credentials

Padel Training at Mallorca

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Norman is a certified padel coach himself at the GERMAN PADEL FEDERATION and works together with a carefully selected team of coaches certified by the BALEARIC PADEL FEDERATION.

Padel Trips to Majorca

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We have successfully organized padel training camps at the Balearic Islands for adults, as well as for teenagers of the GERMAN PADEL FEDERATION

Padel Tournaments at Majorca

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With the FRIENDLY PADEL NATIONS CUP  and the EURO CLUBS TROPHY  we run every year two major and well-known international padel tournaments for seniors at Majorca where players from all over Europe meet and compete against each other.

Padel Training camps & Padel trips in 2024

Guinness Padel World Record

guinness padel world record

GreenTEC Padel and Enjoy Padel set with 52 players from different parts of the world at the end of July 2023 in Enge-Sande in Northern Germany a new Guinness Padel World Record.